Hosting Guidelines

Room & Food

  1. Reserve a meeting room to accommodate 50 to 75 attendees
  2. Presentation equipment should include:
    • Laptop connection
    • Internet access (with password if applicable)
    • Projector
    • Speakers
    • Two microphones (preferable one wireless mic, but not required)
  3. Host college will be in correspondence with Sandra Arana, VP of Programs to discuss food options and dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, etc.):
    • Continental breakfast
    • Lunch (should be close to presentation room and preferably with networking style tables)



  1. Host school must register and pay registration fees for every staff member who is attending the event.
  2. Program spending limit is $35 per attendee (includes continental breakfast, lunch, room fees, name tags, materials, liability insurance, all other fees).
  3. Please submit programming expense receipts to Jennifer “JJ” Smith, VP of Finance.

Registrant List

  1. Request registrant list from Sandra Arana, VP of Programs.
  2. Provide name tags for registrants. Printing individual names tags is optional.
  3. Print list of registrants to serve as check-in list

Host Welcome

  • Arrange for an administrator to welcome CLASIC colleagues to campus.This can be a President, VP, Dean, Director, etc. The person should be available between 9:00-9:30am.

Directional Signs

Please make sure there are clear directional signs towards parking and presentation location.

Location Directions

Email direction and parking instructions to Sandra Arana, VP of Programs.