I am not a member of Clasic, can I still attend a program?

Yes, non-members are welcome to attend CLASIC programs. He or she can register for a program in the same way as members, except they will select the non-member registration and pay a slightly higher price.

How often are the programs?

We meet two to three times a year usually in Fall, Winter, and Spring. Often, they occur during the months of October, February, and May.

What are the benefits of being a CLASIC member?

There are many benefits, including networking, professional development, learning best practices, sharing resources, and collegiality.

How many of my career center staff can attend the programs?

CLASIC membership is institutional, so an unlimited number of your staff can theoretically attend programs; each program is currently priced at $45 per member institution.

I don’t work for a college or university, can I join or attend a program?

Yes, we sell memberships to individuals who are not associated with a college or university.

What if I register for a program but something comes up on that same date–can I get a refund?

Yes, you can receive a 100% refund if you cancel at least 8 days prior to the event. Unfortunately we can’t give refunds if you cancel less than 8 days prior to the event.

Are the membership fees pro-rated if I join after the yearly renewal date?

No. The membership fee is a flat rate and collected annually.

Does CLASIC still accept payment in-person and by check?

No, we now use an e-commerce system that accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

What if I’m having trouble using my credit card?

If the credit card is connected to a PayPal account, you must sign in to your PayPal account in order to use that credit card. In other words, for PayPal security reasons you can’t pay as a “guest” with a credit card that is connected to a PayPal account.